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City Administrative & Financial Policies are defined as those policies and procedures of the City that have risen to the level of importance of being considered and adopted by the Reedley City Council. Policies may address a wide range of topics from employee benefits, to purchasing, debt management, or fund balances. Unless the specific enabling resolution states otherwise, policies approved by the City Council are considered to be in effect beginning with the approval date, and continuing on until amended by resolution in the future. This page contains a chronological listing of policies adopted by the Council, including a brief description of the policy and link to the actual resolution. This list is an ongoing project, as previously approved policies are located and new ones are added.
The City has a full policies & procedures manual for employees, also adopted by the City Council, which can be found here. Each City Department/Division also has their own policies & procedures that govern specific areas of their individual operations.
Resolution 2022-019 establishes a policy for the City to maintain a minimum level of working capital, equivalent to 45 days operating expenditures, in the City’s Water, Wastewater, and Municipal Airport enterprise funds. The targets/thresholds set forth in this policy are evaluated annually, and the results can be found on the Financial Information page.

The City Council adopted Resolution No. 2023-001  approving the annual submittal of the City’s Investment Policy. Government Code Section 53646(a) requires that a public entity’s investment policy be reviewed annually by the governing body or an investment committee.

Resolution 2021-118 revises the City’s policy to maximize the residual value of surplus property, junk material and scrap metal, and the procedures that provide for the sale of property to the highest bidder, property is transferred appropriately, and that sale records are maintained.
Resolution 2021-097 establishes a funding policy for the City’s pension plans and Other Post-Employment Benefits, following nationally recognized best practices, and memorializing existing City efforts to manage the benefit plans for near term budget stability and sustaining them for future generations.
The City Council adopted Resolution No. 2021-107 amending the Street Banner policy as related to street banners to be hung at the intersection of 11th & G Streets.

Resolution 2021-006 revising the Fund Balance Policy to work towards and maintain a minimum level of cash on hand, equivalent to 90 days operating expenditures, in the City’s General Fund Reserve. 

Resolution 2020-092 establishes a balanced budget policy for the City of Reedley that memorializes existing practices towards building and maintaining a balanced budget as the foundation for effective decision making and protecting the City’s fiscal health.

Resolution 2020-021 amended and restated the retiree medical benefit schedule and eligibility requirements, and supersedes Resolutions 2017-090, 2016-102, 2015-045, 2014-090 & 2013-083.

The City Council adopted Resolution No. 2020-099 revising the Municipal Utility Billing & Collection Policy incorporating existing practices pertaining to Construction Water Services and compliance with Public Health orders.

Resolution 2019-100 establishes a revised Capital Financing and Debt Management Policy to establish written guidelines, allowances, and restrictions that guide debt issuance practices, management of a debt portfolio, and adherence to various laws and regulations.
Resolution 2021-113 establishes the consultant selection process to comply with the Federal Regulations regarding the contracting out of Architectural and Engineering A&E services.
Resolution 2017-15 authorizes certain City Personnel as authorized signers on City payment checks as required by Reedley Municipal Code Section 1-9A-3.
Resolution 2015-096 consents to inclusion of properties within the City’s jurisdiction in the California Home Finance Authority, program to finance renewable energy generation, energy and water efficiency improvements and electric vehicle charging infrastructure and approving associate membership in the joint exercise of powers authority related thereto
Resolution 2015-095 consents to finance renewable energy improvements, energy efficiency and water conservation improvements and electric vehicle charging infrastructure and approving associate membership in the joint exercise of powers authority related thereto
Resolution 2015-089 elects under Public Code Section 22030 to become subject to uniform public construction cost accounting procedures set forth in the UPCCAA and to the Commission’s policies and procedures manual and cost accounting review procedures.
Resolution 2015-079 outlines the City’s compensation and reimbursement practice for the members of the Reedley Volunteer Fire Department and the City when participating in mutual aid activities for the State of California and Federal Fire Agencies.
Resolution 2015-052 sets forth a process for the payment and deferral of development impact fees, memorialized through an Agreement and Notice of Lien.
Resolution 2015-033 establishes the City of Reedley’s maximum premium contribution formula for eligible part-time employees who average 30 hours or more per week and are subject to the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act.
Resolutions 2015-015 & 016 establish the City’s procedures for Industrial Disability Retirement determinations and appeals.
Resolution 2015-014 adopted the City’s paid sick leave policy pursuant to AB 1522 for part-time and hourly rated employees, specifically establishing the accrual method and the minimum paid sick leave usage requirement.
Resolution 2013-072 establishes an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy (EPPP). The City provides that all Departments, shall, whenever possible, use recycled products and recycled materials to meet their needs. The policy is enacted to demonstrate compliance with the Waste Management Reduction Act and to foster market development for recycled products.
Resolution 2013-013 amended the authority delegated to the City Manager to administer and manage claims and actions against the City, its officers, or employees, and claims and actions of the City.
Resolution 2012-034 establishes a policy that the City will no longer issue or renew a business license if the business has delinquent City fees.
Resolution 2012-020 establishes specific guidelines and criteria that must be met for organizations to receive City sponsorship of a special event or youth sports event. This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis.
On October 11, 2011, the City Council approved an Average Winter Water Usage (AWWU) billing method for all non-residential sewer accounts. Included in the attached staff report is a page describing how AWWU is calculated and applied.
Resolution 2010-037 approves volume-based metered water rates effective May 1, 2010 and establishes an annual rate increase methodology using a 10 year running average of the Consumer Price Index
This policy guides the selection and compensation of professional consultants for feasibility studies, master plans, design, field supervision, and related services for public improvement projects.
Resolution No. 2001-055 authorizes the City to provide workers’ compensation coverage to volunteer participants as authorized by the City to perform certain services.
Resolution No. 2001-037 authorized the City Manager to apply with the State of California, for a Certificate of Consent to Self-Insure Workers’ Compensation Liabilities for the City. The City is self-insured for workers’ compensation through membership in a risk pool, specifically the Central San Joaquin Valley Risk Management Authority
Resolution 96-051 amended Resolution 4379, originally adopted January 22, 1991, establishing the benefits premium reimbursement structure for Council members. Resolution 96-051 amended the original resolution to include the Volunteer Fire Chief.
Resolution 3013 adopting an Employer-Employee Relations Procedures.

City Council Policies & Protocols

The adopted Council Policies & Protocols assist the City Council, staff, and others by memorializing existing policies, procedures and the general ways of doing things. Its purpose is also to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Council, staff, and others. The document should be viewed as an instructive source of guidance so that accepted practices are documented and expectations are clarified.

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