The Reedley Downtown Parking and Street Improvement Area, commonly known as the “Downtown” Streetscape District” was formed in 1986 by downtown business leaders to provide improvements to and maintain the City’s streetscape in the downtown area generally from 9th Street between the G – F Street alley and the G – I Street alley. The District is governed by the City Council who is advised by a 3 member committee of owners of businesses within the District. The Streetscape Committee meets the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 AM in the City Council Chambers.


To maintain and improve the City streetscape, including planting, maintaining, and replacing trees; maintaining benches and planted corner pots; maintaining and operating the irrigation system for the landscape; and maintaining sidewalks clean of leaves and debris.


Applicants serve a 3 year term and must own a business in the Reedley Downtown Parking and Street Improvement Area, commonly known as the “Downtown Streetscape District. If you are interested in serving on this Committee, contact Ruthie Greenwood, City Clerk at 637-4200 Ext. 212 or at or Public Works Administrative Assistant, Roseann Herrera at 637-4200 Ext. 214 or at for an application and information. A Commissioner application is also available on the City Clerk page.

Streetscape Committee Members

Eric Parichan
Mike Franks
Angie Friend

Russ Robertson
Roseann Herrera
Establishment of the Reedley Parking and Business Improvement Area to Title 10 of the Code of the City of Reedley

Streetscape Maintenance Committee - 2022

    Streetscape Maintenance Committee - 2021

      Streetscape Maintenance Committee - 2020

        Streetscape Maintenance Committee 2019

          Committee members may be contacted by writing to

          City of Reedley
          Streetscape Committee
          Attn: Russ Robertson, Public Works Director
          1733 Ninth Street
          Reedley, CA 93654

          For information or questions, you may also phone Roseann Herrera at (559)637-4200, Ext. 214 or Email: Roseann Herrera

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