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  • Press 2 – Building Division
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How are building permit applications processed?

You will need to submit sketches, building drawings, plans and other documents to the City of Reedley Building Division. For interior work a floor plan and cross-section drawings will usually be required. For work affecting the exterior, you will need to supply a floor plan, a cross-section, a site plan and elevations. These should be drawn to scale, showing all dimensions.
Your completed plans should be brought to the City of Reedley Building Division and shall include; Two (2) sets of building plans, drawn to scale, showing all dimensions, are required which include the following:

A site plan showing the location of all property lines and existing and proposed structures. The use of each structure and the distances between them and to the property lines must also be indicated.
A floor plan showing all walls, doors, windows, and the use of each room. Critical dimensions shall also be indicated on the plans.

Structural plans which include:

  • foundation plan
  • wall framing plan including required wall bracing
  • floor framing plan
  • roof framing plan or truss layout
  • cross section(s)
  • details of critical connections

How are building permit applications processed?

City staff review your submittal in terms of its completeness and compliance with the California Building Code the local zoning code and all other applicable laws. It may be sent to other municipal officials for their consideration. Applications that involve simple alterations or additions can usually be dealt with fairly quickly, while more complex proposals will take longer to process. If a zoning change or minor variance is necessary, or if building plans must be altered to comply with the California Building Code, the changes must be approved and in place before a building permit can be issued.
Where there are problems with your proposal, the City of Reedley Building Official will usually discuss them with you in detail before considering refusal of a building permit.

What is the approval process?

Your building permit request will be reviewed in three stage:

  • 1. Zoning
  • 2. Engineering
  • 3. Building

When the review of your building permit is complete, you will be notified by phone if there are any outstanding requirements or problems. If you need to inquire about the status of your application, call the City of Reedley Building Division at (559)637-4200, EXT. 225. When all requirements have been met, you will be notified to come and pick up your permit at the Building Division counter.

Once you receive your building permit, ensure that the permit and approved drawings are available on the construction site.

How much does the Building Permit cost?

There is no single fee for the various permits. Fees are based on the valuation of your project and the number of plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems. Some projects are subject to plan check and the fees are collected at the time the plans for the structure are submitted. The permit fee and the Development Impact Fees (DIF) are collected at the time the building permit is issued. If you need to inquire about an estimate of the cost of a building permit fee for your project, call the City of Reedley Building Division at (559)637-4200, EXT. 225.

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