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What are Building Permits?

A building permit is your permission to begin construction. It means that plans for any new structure, addition or renovation have been reviewed by the City of Reedley for compliance with the Building Code, local zoning by-laws and any other applicable laws and regulations.The building permit is based on a variety of Codes enacted by the State of California and adopted by the City of Reedley City Council.

These Codes Include:
2010 California Building Code
2010 California Housing Code
2010 California Code for Abatement of Dangerous Buildings
2010 California Plumbing Code
2010 California Mechanical Code
2010 California Electrical Code
2010 California Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tube Code

What are Building Permits?

Building permits are necessary to ensure that zoning requirements, fire and structural safety standards and other building standards are met, primarily for health and safety reasons. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that a building permit is obtained when required.Through the use of building permits, the City of Reedley can regulate the type of construction in the community and promote the use of proper building standards. The building permit process protects the individual’s interests as well as those of the community at large and provides for the construction of safe and sound structures in accordance with the California Building Code.In addition, evidence of a building permit is often necessary to obtain financing from lending agencies. Fire and liability insurance damages may not be paid in some cases where permits were not obtained and improvements do not meet regulations.No person shall construct or demolish a building or cause a building to be constructed or demolished in the City of Reedley unless a permit has been issued by the City of Reedley Building Official.

“Construct” means to do anything in the erection, installation, extension or material alteration or repair of a building and includes the installation of a unit fabricated or moved from elsewhere. “Demolish” means to do anything in the removal of a building or any material part thereof.

Projects That Require A Building Permit

What are typical projects that require a building permit?

  • excavating or constructing a foundation
  • damp-proofing basement
  • construction of non-bearing basement walls
  • repairs to masonry
  • construction of basement or main floor walkouts
  • furnace installation, replacement of heating equipment (such as stoves and wall heaters)
  • major duct work changes
  • new fireplaces
  • installation or changes to plumbing
  • installation or changes to air conditioning systems
  • construction of decks, porches, sunrooms, solariums, dormers
  • construction of carports, attached or detached garages
  • installation of new or structural alterations to windows or doors
  • adding or removing most walls
  • construction of fences, block (masonry) walls
  • replacement of roofing
  • installation of siding
  • landscape irrigation systems
  • installation of a swimming pool, spa, sauna
  • backfilling an existing swimming pool
  • material alterations, additions or repairs to a building
  • temporary buildings, mobile homes or pre-fab structures
  • constructing any new building or structure on your property
  • moving a building within the City Limits
  • abandonment and removal of an existing on-site water well
  • abandonment of an existing on-site sewer septic system
  • renovating or converting an existing building
Separate construction permits are required for building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work
When considering any kind of construction on your property, it is a good idea to discuss your plans with the City of Reedley Building Official first. This will assist you to become aware of other permits or approvals you might need, such as demolition permits, minor variances and electrical permits.If you are not sure whether you need a permit or not, call the City of Reedley Building Division and ask. Either you will get an answer over the telephone, or the building inspector or the Building Official may visit your site in order to advise you about what is required.

What projects do not require a building permit?

  • painting and decorating
  • landscaping (this does not include the irrigation)
  • replacement of kitchen or bathroom cupboards without plumbing
  • movable cases, counters and partitions not over 5-feet high
  • wood fences not over 6-feet high
  • walks or driveways not more than 30-inches above grade and not over any basement or story below. Contact the City of Reedley Building Official if walks are accessible to the public.

What if something is built without a building permit?

  • If work is completed without the benefit of building permits, it is a violation. No further permits will be issued for that site until the violation is corrected. Additional fees and/or fines may result and a lien may be placed against the property until the violation is corrected.
  • Building permits must be obtained as required for new construction. The work must comply with the applicable codes in effect at the time of application. Therefore, work that may have been legal at the time of construction, may not be acceptable at the time of permitting.
  • If the non-permitted work is commercial, a licensed architect or engineer must prepare and certify all plans and submit to the Building Official for review and approval. When the plans are approved by the Building Official, the building inspector will perform the normal inspections. However, any construction which the inspector can not verify must be qualified by a licensed engineer or architect to the satisfaction of the Building Official. This may require expensive testing and/or demolition and often becomes very time consuming.
  • If the non-permitted work is residential, you can pay for a building inspector to perform a site inspection an he will indicate, in writing, what documents and information must be provided to the Building Division in order to obtain the building permit. A licensed engineer or architect may be required to certify plans and documents. Any construction which the inspector can not verify must be qualified by a licensed engineer or architect to the satisfaction of the Building Official.

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