The Oversight Board acts as the successor agency to the former Reedley Redevelopment Agency. The primary purpose of the Agency was to provide assistance in development of new public improvements, commercial and industrial projects, and affordable housing.
On December 29, 2011 the California Supreme Court upheld AB x1 26, which dissolved all redevelopment agencies in California effective February 1, 2012. On that date, all the assets, properties, contracts, leases, and records of the former redevelopment agency were automatically transferred to the Oversight Board for the Successor Agency to the City of Reedley Redevelopment Agency, also known as just the Oversight Board.
The purpose of the Oversight Board is to oversee certain fiscal management of former Redevelopment Agency funds and assets other than affordable housing. The Oversight Board also assists in the close-out and wind down of the dissolved redevelopment agency.
The Oversight Board is composed of seven members, one if which is elected as the chairperson. The Oversight Board members serve for a term of two years.The Oversight Board members serve until the taxing entity they represent appoints a replacement, or upon resignation.
Oversight Board Members

Chairman Lawrence Wilder, County of Fresno Representative
Steve Mulligan, Special District Representative
Richard Martin, County Superintendent of Schools Representative
Andy Souza, State Center Community College District Representative
Valerie Pieroni, County of Fresno Representative
Paul Melikian, City of Reedley Representative
Ellen Moore, City of Reedley Representative

Meetings are tentatively held on the second (2nd) Thursday of the month on a quarterly basis.

Important Documents

For information or questions, you may also phone Kaitlin Underwood at City of Reedley, (559)637-4200, Ext. 225 or Email: Kaitlin Underwood

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