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Thank you for your interest in starting business in the City of Reedley.

A City Business License must be obtained prior to doing any business inside the city limits.

New Applicants: No license shall be issued until the applicant has completed all provisions of the Building Code, the Fire Prevention Code, the Zoning Ordinance, Reedley Police Department and Fresno County Health and Environmental Department.

If you are located inside the City limits of Reedley, a Contractor, or a Home-Based Business, please contact the Community Development Department for any Zoning and Building Permit requirements prior to submitting your Business License Application.

Building Division: (559) 637- 4200 Ext. 225

Planning/Zoning: (559) 637- 4200 Ext. 222.

All Contractors will turn in their completed application to the Building Division at: 1733 9th St, Reedley, CA 93654.

All other businesses inside or outside of City limits will turn in their completed application to the Administrative Services Department at: 845 G St, Reedley, CA 93654

Renewal Process: Your license will expire on June 30th, whereby you will be billed automatically for the new Fiscal Year, July 1 through June 30th, at the current corresponding rate. Any business conducted on July 1st will be considered an active business therefore all business license fees are applicable. You will receive your license after all City fees have been paid. Failure to pay your license fee within the thirty (30) days from the billing date will result in penalty fees assessed each month at the rate of 20% of the balance due.

If your business is located inside the City limits of Reedley, your annual business license renewal may not be processed if there are outstanding invoices due to the City, i.e.: Streetscape, FOG and/or Administrative Citations. Please pay these promptly before you renew your Business License.

New/Change of Ownership: A new application must be submitted whenever there is a change in ownership or business name change. Please notify this office immediately if there are any changes in the mailing address or operating status of your business.

Change of Physical Location: If your business has changed its physical location, please submit a new Business License Application along with your payment of $25.00. Please include a brief statement of the change with previous address and new location.

To receive additional information regarding a City business license, please contact us at (559) 637-4200 Ext. 513 or send your e-mail to

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